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Postnatal Yoga – Mother and Baby

2 Avenue Joseph Sax, L-2515, Limpertsberg, Luxembourg
Tuesday 10.00-11.15

The time from birth until the baby is about six months old and crawling is a time of transition. As the hormones shift and the mother´s body starts to recover from the birth, the baby makes huge developmental leaps, from a helpless creature into a real person with an independent nature. Mother and Baby yoga focusses on the physical recovery of the mother from the birth, but we also share our experiences with our babies, allow time to bond, energize and refresh ourselves.

The cost is 180 € for 10 classes or 20 € per individual class. Class run in cooperation with BYLU. To enroll, sign up at BYLU.LU.

Babies are welcome after 6 weeks or 8 weeks if the mama had a c-section. It is better to start the class before the baby is 6 months old, but they are welcome until they start walking. While this class is primarily for the mother, we include the babies as much as they would like to be included. Newborns usually sleep through the class. As the babies get older they are included more. We do not do yoga to the babies in this class. The aim is to improve the mother´s fitness, energize her and have a bit of fun! We also have a cup of tea and a chat after the class.