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About Lorien

Lorien came to yoga as a special education teacher. She first read about the power of yoga to build new brain-pathways in dyslexic children in academic journals. In order to teach it, she first had to learn it. Greatly encouraged by the success of yoga on her newly literate pupils, the potency of yoga was further impressed upon her when after an injury, her surgeon advised her to practice a more physically challenging yoga to avoid back surgery.

Over the next 12 years she had two children and deepened her practice until finally in 2011, she did her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Kerala State, India. Shortly thereafter she began to marry the two disciplines of child development and yoga and embarked upon a teacher trainings on perinatal yoga, then postnatal yoga through the Birthlight Trust with Françoise Freedman and Kirsteen Ruffell, and Rainbow Kids yoga and Sun Moon partner yoga. Lorien continues her studies in Developmental and Educational Psychology. She also finally found her Guru in Swedish tantra yoga teacher Daniel Strausser.