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Lorien´s Philosophy

Convinced that there is a higher purpose to yoga than simply turning yourself into a pretzel, Lorien teaches a more well-rounded yoga than a simple work-out-style asana class. The tantric form of yoga is designed to raise up the energy in your body to a point that manifests itself as happiness (or, if you are really lucky, a moment of enlightenment.) However, it is important to ground yourself in the reality of your present situation and honour the now.

If you are pregnant, we accept that and honour the body growing life. If you have just had a baby, we honour that and all of the changes in the body that go along with that. If you are injured, we honour that and find ways to surmount pain. There is no place in Lorien´s class for “one-size fits-all” yoga. In Lorien´s ideal class, everyone is doing something slightly different from the person next to them but doing the right thing for their body. We share our energy by practicing in a circle.