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Hatha Yoga

Thursday 10.15-11.15 with babysitting.

Please contact hello@heartcentreyoga.lu for more details.

Hatha yoga encompasses the entire physical practice of yoga. Heart Centre offers several styles of Hatha yoga.

- In corporate settings, a hatha yoga class will be an all-levels class designed to be available to all ages and abilities, and fit into the corporate culture of the company. Heart Centre can offer corporate classes upon request, time permitting.
- Heart Centre yoga is also available to develop team-building events for companies upon a yoga theme. Please contact Lorien directly for more information.
- Lorien also teaches private classes in your home. A class will be approximately 90 minutes long and will cost approximately 75-120 €, depending on distance and time.

From time to time, Heart Centre offers special workshops upon a specific theme. For example:

- Peaceful Yoga four session workshop to allow people with back and neck injuries to eventually access a regular class
- Yoga for Intimacy Partner Yoga Workshop, a three hour long workshop for life-partners
- Kids Yoga - we also offer children´s yoga classes to schools upon request and yoga workshops for children from time to time.

Any Special workshops will be presented on the Heart Centre Yoga Facebook Page.